Enchanting spells: Magic to turn an everyday object into a supernatural one

Have you ever wanted to give a magical turn to one object that you completely love? Maybe you want to leave your supernatural print in your favorite necklace or ring. If that’s your case, then enchanting spells are the best choice for you.

Enchanting spells: a little bit of history

Within the world of wizardry, enchantments or enchanting spells are frequently used for two main purposes: attract the good and repel the bad. For example, you can ward off evil and nightmares, but they can also serve you like a magnet for love for someone you feel attracted to (wink, wink). 

One of the essentials when using an enchanting spell

There are a lot of spellcasters and enchanters that will tell you a lot of things about enchanting spells, however, almost no one tells you what’s the most important parts of the incantation.

  • Enchanting spells depend on the spellcaster, not the spell itself: one of the most important aspects about casting an incantation like this is that it depends completely on the energy put by the spellcaster. The spells by themselves are pretty simple and they can only work if you set your mind to it.
  • The use of language is highly relevant: words are crucial in the world of witchcraft. It’s commonly known that not any word creates an effect, and given the fact that enchanting spells are particularly personalized, this factor is even more important. You have to choose your language carefully.

How to enchant an object easily

  • Breathe deeply and allow your mind to go clear. Stop thinking about everything, and make sure you become a blank canvas for the enchantment to work.
  • Take the item you chose in your hands, and think only of that. Envision the object with all your heart as well as your mind’s eye. At the same time, breathe towards it in order to bond with it more deeply
  • Then, it’s time to visualize your magic. Think of a color that resonates with you – take into account that different colors attract a diversity of energies – and concentrate in that with all of your might.
  • Breathe in and out of your chosen object once again, 9 more times. This will complete the circle of breaths needed in order for the magic to work.
  • Now it’s time to state your purpose for the object. You can whisper it, sing it or say it out loud with a strong voice. Choose the one you think will have the most energy. You have to pick the one that suits you best
  • Voila! Your object is enchanted now.

Okay… what now?

Now that your object has been enchanted, congratulations. You can use it safely for the purposes you stated, and it will work without a doubt.

It’s important to remember that while enchantments are powerful, their energy wears out, so you might need to cast the spell again. At the same time, it’s unadvisable to cast a different incantation on items that have previously been enchanted.

Now that you know the basics, you can start your adventure in the witchcraft world and cast enchanting spells in your loved objects – you won’t regret it!

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