The energy of witchcraft: fire spells

Among all types of spells that we find in the world of witchcraft, fire spells are the favorite pick for
a lot of people because of many reasons.

On one hand, they allow you to get in touch with one of the four basic elements (the others are
air, water, and earth), therefore; you can harness this energy and translate it into a powerful and useful incantation. fire spells.

Besides, they are frequently associated with individual traits that the spellcaster has… for example energy, passion, power, creativity, and vitality. However, if one doesn’t learn how to control these fire spells

fire spells. features, fire spells can be dangerous.
Because of that, we brought you a few guidelines on what types of fire spells exist, how to cast them and how to understand if you’re ready for it.

Types of fire spells

  1. Wiccan: these are by far the simplest ones because they belong to white magic. This means that they won’t harm anyone, seeing that you will use magic to attract what you want without actually affecting the will of others in the process. For example, the joyful candle fire spell.
  2. Voodoo: these differ from the aforementioned type because they do include the possibility of manipulating others’ will. They must be treated with caution.
  3. Attack spells: completely dark magic, it involves causing harm to others, and it’s completely inadvisable. fire spells

How to cast a fire spell: the joyful candle

This incantation will give you the possibility of using the law of attraction with the power of magic,
in order to bring more joy into your daily life. You will need:

  • Marjoram
  • Rosemary
  • Three candles, preferably orange
  • Cedar oil
    Put some cedar oil on the candles, and then light them. Focusing on the flames, sprinkle the herbs around them. Visualize the heartwarming every bit of your soul while you repeat the following
    words: “happiness and joy come into my life, away with anger, stress, and strife; I am happy, I am
    free; no more negativity”. Finally, pass your hands near the flames to feel their warm (be careful!)
    and leave them to burn out by themselves.
    Am I ready for this?
    The fact is that fire spells don’t involve a lot of steps in order to understand how to cast them, but
    you need to have a lot of practice, otherwise, they won’t work.

At the same time, as we said, fire is an element of nature. It can represent passion, leadership, and energy; but it can also burn and destroy. You must feel ready to cast these types of spells before going into this world.
However, don’t let fear stop you. You will know when you’re ready. If you feel like you’re prepared to cast your fire spells, then go ahead! Set your mind into it and it will all turn out properly.