Get Back Your Ex Love Spells

We’re sure that you feel like your world is crumbling down without your love, but there’s always a way to reverse that. 

Magic has millions of tools for you, and it is a perfect way to find comfort for your heartaches. So, if you want to make your loved one come to you again, try these get back with your ex-love spells because they won’t fail you.

It doesn’t matter if he or she is still mad at you if there’s love in the picture and your feelings are genuine, there’s a way to fix things. get back your ex love spells.

Magical reconciliation spell: 

You will need a pink candle, a pink ribbon, rose petals, a dish, a black pen or marker, and two rings. The reason why these incantation works are because of the rings, which symbolize a lasting union of eternal love. Did you ever wonder why they’re used in weddings? There is your answer!

Set the candle and the dish in your altar, light the candle and breathe deeply and slowly, letting the air go through your lungs on a peaceful rhythm. Then, grab the pen and use it to write to you and your ex’s name on the pink ribbon.

After that, use the ribbon to tie the rings together and put that on the dish on the altar, next to the candle. Spread exactly seven rose petals around the candle, then place your hands above it and chant the following words:

Merciful Goddess

You united Mars and Venus.

 You created to love, 

And its pleasures to give us.

Bring my lover back,

Let us be together

So we may devise

A love that lasts forever.

Look after me and all those who suffer.

That is my Will. So mote it be. 

You have to stay in the room in silent prayer while the candle burns completely off. Then, put on the rings and throw the rest of the items away. 

Make sure to wear the rings as often as you can – this will continually fuel the spell’s magic because you will channel conviction in your beliefs for the incantation. get back your ex love spells.

Now and forever reconciliation spell or voodoo love spells:

For this, you will need two pink candles, your partner’s perfume, a picture frame and a photo of the two of you. First, put the candles next to each other and light them. get back your ex love spells.

After that, spray the photo with the perfume (only a little perfume will do), put it inside the picture frame and place that facing the candles. Now, it’s time for your biggest effort.

Clear your mind of any unwanted thought, fear or worry and visualizing everything you want for the relationship, say “I’m with you now and forever”. get back your ex love spells.

Repeat the words several times, and finish everything by saying “so mote it be!”. You have to maintain your mind’s attention in visualizing the happy and harmonious things you want for the relationship. Repeat for every other day or once a week, and the spell will give you amazing results.

Remember… you don’t have to get through an awful heartache. Just try one of these get back with your ex-love spells, and you will recover the passion in no time. get back your ex love spells.