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Money Come To Me Now Spells

Money come to me now spells. Even though a lot of people work as hard as they can, sometimes money just doesn’t come as easily as one needs it.

Because of this, it is usual to look for different ways to ask the universe some help. Whether it is to pay a debt, get a loan or simply have a boost in your wallet for a few days, money come to me now spells are a handy tool to have.

Like every other spell that you cast in the magic world, there are a few tips that help you have a better outcome. If you want to know, don’t miss everything we bring you on this post.

  • Be attentive to your positive feelings: take a moment to dwell on how good it feels to have an abundance of wealth to tend to every need you have. Let these thoughts feel your mind for a few minutes, and don’t leave sharing behind – think about the positive aspects of sharing what you have with others that need it.
  • Find the richness around you: like we all know, having wealth doesn’t necessarily mean being happy. Because of that, the power to find things that make you emotionally rich is an important element when performing money come to me now spells. Think about the small things in your life that you feel grateful for, the ones that enrich you.
  • Visualize yourself: imagine yourself paying things with the money you have, purchasing the things you need, and think of that good feeling of having an endless flow of wealth.

Now that we know about the basic elements to keep in mind when performing a money come to me now spell, let’s learn about some simple ones that you are able to practice at home.

Take a green candle (the color of wealth) and light it. By doing so, think of the elements we mentioned before.

You can perform this spell at any time of the month, but if you do it on the 8th, 18th or 28th it will have a more powerful effect – the eight is the number of infinities. It symbolizes eternal wealth and prosperity. Then, chant the following words:

“I now blaze away any obstacle to my ability to flourish.

I open my mind, heart, and being to the infinite of abundance of All That Is,

 Which is my birth right as a child of the universe.

Prosperity flows to me from delightful, easy ways from all directions.

As I prosper, others prosper locally and globally,

Because I am able to share my love, light and generosity more freely with the world around me.

And so it is.”

Remember that focusing is an essential part of these spells. Imagine yourself without bills, and paying everything you need in time. For a lot of people, this is a difficult thing to visualize – because all they can think about are the million things they have to pay. That affects the spellcasting, working against them.

Therefore, remember to focus and try a money come to me now spell if you need a quick boost to your wallet.