Things you need to know about spells of magic.

If you’re beginning in the world of witchcraft, it’s quite likely that you’re amazed by everything spells of magic.
that it offers. Spells of magic are no exception to this – they’re one of the best features offered by the supernatural.

General considerations about spells of magic

Here are some main things you have to know about spells:

  • Every spell works differently for every witch because each of us has distinctive qualities
    and features
  • Having trouble with spells at first is completely normal
  • The way you feel (and even your physical state) affect your spellcasting

Tips to cast any spell

Because magic has to be followed exactly, it’s hard to advise new witches. The best thing
we can say is keep trying, it will get better. However, there are some tips that we can
give you that will certainly improve your spellcasting – or avoid a fiasco!

  1. Take into account your physical sensations: how are you feeling? Are you hungry, tired or sad? Then it may not be the perfect day to cast a spell of magic. These types of incantations must be done on days where you’re relaxed, well-rested and fed. Take care,
    because it’s also not advisable to eat meat, drink alcohol or drugs (except for prescribed
    medications) when you will perform this magic.
  2. Circles are your friends: it’s not completely necessary, but casting a protection circle will
    help you concentrate all of your energies in one place without outside interference.
  3. Colors and symbols: if you’re a starter, you must know that in spell casting you will use different objects, and they all have a particular meaning. Therefore, to make the incantation effectively, you have to know these meanings to be able to focus
    your energy.
  4. While we’re on that, an altar is a great idea too: yes! Altars are typically full of things that symbolize who you are, your identity and personality. They’re your symbols. Include all of the herbs, essences and elements that suit you. They will help you
    focus your energy to cast the spells of magic.

Some real-life examples

Now that you know the basics, we can name a few examples of some spells of magic that you can

  • Money spells
  • Love spells – to attract and even recover a lost love!
  • Lottery spells
  • Pregnancy spells
  • Spiritual cleansing of different sorts
  • Marriage spells
  • Attraction spells

All of the aforementioned spells of magic are based on Wicca magic, which is commonly known as
white magic, because it’s harmless – it will basically only bring you good things. If you know how to
perform it, that is.
It’s important that you take all of this into account because a lot of spellcasting involves focusing your energy in one place. It is a personalized practice, and your beliefs count.
Therefore, if you’re ready to completely believe in this world and set your mind to it, you will be
casting spells of magic in no time