Spells To Bring Back Lost Lover

Spells To Bring Back Lost Lover. Having an ache in the heart is possibly one of the most hurtful experiences to endure – maybe even the worst of them all. But…

What if there is a way to stop feeling this pain? Magic is a great tool that can help with this. The best way to achieve it is to cast spells to bring back a lost lover

However, let’s start by knowing what is a spell and what isn’t. 

Spells To Bring Back A Lost Lover. A spell consists of a magical incantation that affects something – usually a person. Since it consists of the channeling of magical energies, it’s not just simply uttering some words or chanting unintelligibly and expecting it to work. 

When it comes to love spells, this is even more important because the caster will be calling on the energies all over the universe to change the future of things that are happening now.

Because of this, before you cast your spells to bring back a lost lover you have to think about the genuine intentions you have behind it, otherwise, it won’t work. This includes the ethical implications about the results of your spell – imagine that you were the one suffering the consequences. If you feel bad about it, then don’t go any further.

Now that you know the basics of spells to bring back a lost lover, let’s learn a few:

  • The lemon sandwich spell


Pink paper


Red yarn or ribbon


  • Write to you and your ex’s name on the paper
  • Fold the paper, making sure that the names are touching each other
  • Cut the lemon in half
  • Place the paper between the two lemon pieces
  • Wrap the lemon with the yarn or ribbon, tying it all together
  • Think about you and your ex being reunited and imagine how happy you will feel
  • Grab the tied lemon and put it inside the freezer for a month

Then, all you have to do is wait and feel how the passion between you and your ex comes back!

  • The tape spell 


A candle (green or red, depending on the color that best symbolizes your love)

An elastic band

An oil burner that has a tea light

A lighter or matches

Two teaspoons of water

A red tape

A green tape

Drops of ylang oil


Spells To Bring Back A Lost Lover. First of all, you have to create a magic circle. Put the water and the oil in the burner, and pray to Mary Magdalene. Then, take the candle (whether red or green is up to you) and say:

I am giving my complete love to this maypole in my hands, true love is coming into my life as the spring is coming after the winter

Take the rubber band and tie it on the lower part of the candle. After that, put a strip of red tape under the band and say: 

My love is balanced and carrying

Repeat the procedure with the green tape, saying:

My love is strong and lasting

Finally, say the words:

Bring my love to me. The true love.

Remove the tapes, bind them together and wear them on your wrist until you see your loved one come into your life again.

When you finish your spells, you will be able to feel the love in the air. Be sure to try these love spells to bring back a lost lover, and be merry with the results you get!